Why people buy your products and services?

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Thank you for attending the presentation at Venture Cafe on Why people buy your products and services?. Here some key questions you should always keep in mind when reviewing your value proposition.

Is our Value Proposition aligned with our customer’s needs?
• Always remember that the secret to a good strategy is your segmentation.
• Be aware of what is your business model B2C, B2B, C2C or B2B2C.
• Please make sure you are contacting your target market, and your product or service is important, urgent, and specific for them.
• Help your target spread the word about your business.

Does our value proposition minimize losses and satisfy needs?
• Be explicit and specific about how to minimize losses or satisfy needs.
• Remember, that too many benefits may not be seen by the client and your cost could increase. Be cautious about the real needs.

Is our Value Proposition supported at least by one strong capability?
• Knowing where is your key focus is fundamental – product development, customer intimacy, or operational excellence.
• Your specific capabilities define what type of product or service you have, the price, and how to grow your business.

Is our Value Proposition anchor in the ecosystem?
• Always remember to review your business environment every year, economy, industry, market, and trends.

This course is part one of a series of talks about strategy and innovation. So, if you’re serious about growing your business, come to the following presentations at Venture Café:

• Review your business model – October 4, 2018
• How to innovate your business – TBC

See you October 4 at Venture Cafe at 7:30 pm

Adriana Madrinan.

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