There is a big difference between creativity and innovation.  Creativity is when you generate original ideas or produce artistic work, but innovation is when those ideas create value.    In business, you need to fully understand your business model, core targets, capabilities, strengths, and industry opportunities to formulate an innovative value proposition that will take your business to a new level.

At Concepta Strategies, we have created a workshop that will take your company into the innovation and execution mode.  Your employees will understand what you do and most importantly why you do it. They will also be able to generate out of the box concepts.    The workshop ends with an actionable plan to execute the projects.

What to expect:

  • A full evaluation of where your company is regarding the economy, industry, market and latest trends.
  • A business model diagnostic survey to spot strengths and new opportunities to leverage in your innovation plan and weak areas that need improvement.
  • A clear understanding of why people buy your products and services and how to grow your company according to your unique strategic approach.
  • Advice on how to use innovation frameworks and implement the key findings within your business model.
  • Finally, elaborate business plan for the upcoming year.


At Concepta Strategies, we focus on a targeted approach for both your company and the potential buyers/investors. We make a complete diagnostic to fully understand your business model and identify your stronger assets and market opportunities so that you can offer your business at the correct price. Also, we analyze potential clients so we can assure an adequate match for your offer.

We count with a group of selected partners and together we will support you during this process.

What to expect:

  • Full evaluation and due diligence of the business you are exiting or going into.
  • Diagnostic of strengths and new opportunities to leverage.
  • Detailed screening of your possible clients/investors.
  • Support from start to finish.


This strategic approach is ideal for companies at their initial stage and people that offer professional services. Personal branding goes beyond a personal and digital image.  Is connecting what you are and what you can do for others.  Knowing why you do what you do, it’s vital in life, but combining it with your core values, abilities, passions, and interest will allow you have a purpose and identify what makes you unique and needed in this world.

If you want to leave a footprint in this world, this workshop is for you.

What to expect:

  • During the workshop, you will use tools and frameworks that will help you identify your core values, abilities, skills, and passions, that will allow you to open new doors in life.
  • You will visualize where you want to go and what is your personal brand that makes you unique and special.
  • Finally, you will create an action plan to reach your final destination.