Learn about KPIs and when to use them!

by Adriana Madrinan | no comments | Business, Marketing

Learn about KPIs and when to use them!

We hear the word KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) all the time, but, what are KPIs? How to use them? And most importantly, how my business will benefit? These are questions that we may need answers.

So, as part of The Venture Café weekly programming, I invite you to join us in this fun and active workshop.

For 60 minutes, we will explore:
– Why KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are essential.
– How to use them?
– When to use them?
– What are the KPIs appropriate for my business?

Don’t miss it!

See you on May 10 at Venture Café Thursday Gathering.http://bit.ly/2w1Dz6I


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