Create your company’s business model.

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Thank you for attending the presentation at Venture Cafe on Create your company’s business model. Here some key questions, from the Business Model Generation you should always keep in mind when reviewing your business model.

Customer Segments:

  • For whom are we creating value?
  • Who are our most important customers?
  • Remember, customers are the ‘heart’ of any business model.

Value Proposition:

  • What value do we deliver to the customer?
  • Which one of our customer’s problems are we helping to solve?
  • Which customer needs are we satisfying?
  • What bundles of products and services are we offering to each customer segment?


  • What type of relationship does each of the customer segments expect us to establish and maintain with them?
  • Which ones have we established?
  • How costly are they?
  • How are they integrated with the rest of our business model?


  • Through which channels do our customer segments want to be reached?
  • How are we reaching them now?
  • How are our channels integrated?
  • Which ones work best?
  • Which ones are most cost-efficient?
  • How are we integrating them with customer routines?

5 Critical points in the customer experience are recognition, credibility, purchase, delivery, and post-sales.

Revenue Streams:

  • For what value are our customers willing to pay?
  • For what do they currently pay?
  • How are they currently paying?
  • How much each revenue stream contribute to overall revenues?

Key Resources:

  • What key resources our value proposition require?
  • Our distribution channels?
  • Customer relationships?
  • Revenue streams?

The most critical assets to be able to move the business are finances, human, intellectual and physical.

Key Activities:

  • What key activities do our value proposition require?
  • Our distribution channels?
  • Customer relationships?
  • Revenue streams?

The most important things the company needs to do to make its business model work (production, problem-solving, platforms and networks, training, etc.).

Key Partners:

  • Who are our key partners?
  • Who are our key suppliers?
  • Which key resources are we acquiring from partners?
  • Which key activities do partners perform?

Cost Structure:

  • What are the most important costs inherent in our business model?
  • Which key resources are most expensive?
  • Which key activities are the most expensive?


  • The difference between your revenue stream and cost structure.

This course is part one of a series of talks about strategy and innovation. So, if you’re serious about growing your business, come to the following presentations at Venture Café:

  •  How to innovate your business – November 1, 2018

Also, if you would like to participate in a 2-day workshop on October 13 & 20, click here for more information:

  • http://bit.ly/learnstrategy

See you November 1 at Venture Cafe at 7:30 pm

Adriana Madrinan.

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